ExporTech helps companies enter or expand in global markets. The program assists participating companies in developing an international growth plan, provides experts who will vet their plans, and connects the companies with organizations like yours that will help them move quickly beyond planning to actual export sales. Provided through MEP Centers and U.S. Export Assistance Centers nationwide. Learn more.


Access to capital, especially access by small privately held companies, is a component of growth. According to an article in Forbes magazine, citing data from Pepperdine University’s 2014 Capital Markets Report, while nearly 89% of business owners report having the enthusiasm to execute growth strategies, only 46% report having the necessary capital resources to successfully execute the growth strategies.   Among the smallest businesses (those with less than $5 million in revenue) that sought bank loans in the previous three months, only 39% in the same study reported they were successful in securing a loan. It is also quite common for these small company owners to be turned down for loans and not know exactly the reasons why.



Reinvencion 360 - Aguadilla
02-02-2018 1:00 pm
Category:  Events
Reinvencion 360 Transformando e Innovando Los Negocios
02-07-2018 10:45 am
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